Security Services


Crime is a universal phenomenon, and is getting unconventional every day. It is also one of highest paying industries of the 21st century. With techno-savvy recruits joining the scene everyday crime is also getting high profile. And thus, security & safety is becoming a complex subject with every passing day. Which is why, security is in everyone’s mind and is also the talk of the day.

As an ESP

As an External Service Provider (ESP) for physical guarding services & electronic security services. We are proud to say that we are one stop shop for your total security solutions. Today, we are organized for all round protection of diversified properties and are already creating a niche for retail security. We are established with an infrastructure and expertise, to develop, train and customize security solutions based on the varied requirements of each property.

Military Like Operation

XPERT Facility Service has the security division, which is managed solely by Ex-Army Officer. Thus, our operations are organized with military like precision under minute-to-minute command & Control Systems. Uniquely, most of our guarding Forces are Ex-Military personnel that make us a cohesive organization of like-minded people.

Our Command and Control Network

Appreciating the vagaries of the security industry, and taking customer services into consideration we are operating on 24 hrs basis. We have a Central Control Room (CCR) that is staffed round –the-clock, and there are mobile patrols vehicles, reaching sites for regular inspections and/or getting activated as a Quick Reaction Team (QRT) for emergencies.

Additional Benefits of our Security Services

Surprise Inspection

To ensure high degree of alertness, a system of surprise checks has been instituted. Xpert facility services system of internal Audit team is directly under the Director, who ensures prompt action for smooth & strict functioning. Manager (Ops) checks all posts day/night of their zones at least once in a week apart from the daily day & night checks by field officers.


Our company takes pride in providing a special service to our clients, a Sophisticated Internal Monitoring Report (SIMR) on monthly basis. We have a dedicated force of Field officer who carries out checking of all posts daily, supervisors render a regular report on the performance of each post.

Rotation of Staff

To preclude the possibility of complacency and avoid over familiarization, the staff are rotated on regular basis. However, in case specific request from the client, staff may be permitted to continue over the stipulated time (which is not recommended, but at client discretion).

Facilities to our Staff

The following facilities are provided to our staff:-

Recruitment policy for security personnel

Security Guard Standard

Security Supervisor Standard